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What We Do
We're a full-service PR-agency

Each client is unique, and so is each deal we deliver for you.

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    Luxury PR & Communications

    Our team monitors media analytics, engagement, and interest. We have witnessed how the media is craving content and is more engaged than ever. Our press release open rates and product information requests have more than tripled during this time. With more time for media to develop stories and report on products, there is more opportunity than ever to garner excellent press coverage. Together, we'll maximize this time and build your media relations and awareness.

  • Luxury brand marketing agency NYC.
    VIP & Red-Carpet Virtual & In-Person Event Planning

    As a boutique agency specializing in luxury products, we understand our client's needs and work with media partners that share the same values. We manage media portfolios up to 20 million USD.

    The strategic media calendars we create are organized according to editorial calendars, holidays, and red-carpet events to deliver maximum ROI results. We offer creative programs, including barter, remnants, local packages, geotargeting, and other digital solutions.

    We have two decades of experience running flawless events that generate buzz and enrich your brand's narrative.

  • Marketing consultant NYC
    Creative Copywriting, Editing, Photography & Content Building

    Our team researches and composes original, creative copy, including one interview with principals, feature articles, descriptive text and captions, and advertorials focusing on home furnishings, fine art, watches, and jewelry.

    We facilitate and project manage content between designers, brands, and media outlets, including overseeing final editing and layout approvals.

    We think a picture can do a lot more than just say 1000 words. That’s why we only work with the best for our photography services. Our clients get access to the best industry talent.

    While our photographer partners capture stunning visuals, we build a narrative through specialized content that captures the heart of your brand and cultivates engagement.

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    Graphic Design & Video Production

    These days, there’s never enough content. With so much competition for click-throughs out there, we can help your brand stand out.

    Our graphic design partners are skilled in creatively designing content to maintain and reinforce the consistency of your brand's website and social media footprint.

Additional Services

  • Artificial Intelligence

    The future is now. Let us help you harness cutting-edge technology to connect you with a broader array of clients.

    Using artificial intelligence, fueled by self-reported data about your company, you’ll discover the best demographics for your brand and better ways to reach them.

    Note: all our press releases and communications are written by ourselves and associated professional accredited editors, and NOT ChatGPT.

  • eCommerce 360

    The world’s changed dramatically in the past year, and many brands are striving to adapt. If you’re considering expanding into eCommerce, we'll connect you with the resources you need to sell your products online.

    A successful online store demands more than just offering your customers a digital purchasing option. We’ll promote and drive traffic to your online shop, creating a new revenue flow for your brand.